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Side Effects of Baytril: What You Need to Know.

September 5, 2013

“Side Effects of Baytril: What You Need to Know”

As is known about the famous medication, Baytril for Dogs, this antibiotic is the ideal solution to most of the infections that tend to affect your darling pets. Believe it or not but the medicine is used to treat a number of afflictions that affect the respiratory, urinary and digestive systems of your pet dogs. Apart from this Baytril is also used to treat open wounds since it kills pathogens that infect the wounds. Baytril antibiotic basically belongs to the family of fluoroquinolones and is very effective against a number of diseases however it is a chemical none the less that requires first hand prescription.

Side Effects of Baytril for Dogs

  1. Digestion: Some of the common side effects of an antibiotic that you can observe are the lack of hunger, vomiting and nausea. There is irregular bowel movements, prolonged diarrhea, additional upset stomach which consists of a diminished appetite. In case Baytril side effects of dogs are very frequent then you should get your animal checked at the vet.
  2. Fatigue: Dogs that are treated with Baytril antibiotic often suffer from exhaustion leading to excessive hours of sleep. This unusual fatigue witnessed is another one of Baytril side effects of dogs due to which your pet will sleep for longer durations. There is less interest or enthusiasm for fun and games which is rare in case of hyper animals.
  3. Nervous System: One of the most severe Baytril side effects of dogs is the impact of seizures. There is great imbalance in the body language of your pet dog which reflects poor coordination of muscles and brain cells. Involuntary spasms should be expected in case you’ve given your dog Baytril antibiotics.
  4. Cartilage Lesions: One of the general symptoms often seen while using Baytril for Dogs is the impairment of joint cartilages. The cartilage is a part of the body which happens to be fleshy, tough and a protective sheathe around the joints. It controls flexibility in the animal however cartilage lesion leads to body pain, swelling of joints and affects walking capacity of the animal.baytril for dogs16
  5. Optical Senses: A major symptom you’ll come across while discussing the side effects of Baytril for Dogs is the loss of vision. Rare as it is, this particular symptom affects cats mostly and decreases the optical sensory cells due to which muscle coordination diminishes. This leads to either complete loss of vision or temporary impairment. It may also reduce the animal’s capacity to concentrate and can affect their instinctive abilities.

If you’re administering your pet dog with Baytril then there are certain safety precautions you should follow. By going to a vet and getting a prescribed document for purchasing the right dosage is very necessary if you don’t want your animal to suffer from chronic disorders in the future. Baytril is highly effective so long as you use it in the right manner!

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