“What is Baytril for dogs?”

August 19, 2013

One of the frequent questions that we come across while discussing pet care and health is What is Baytril for dogswhich is often left unanswered. Baytril is a very popular medicine which is manufactured from the family of fluoroquinolone and consists of antibiotic effects. Baytril for dogs may be defined as a medication popularly known by the chemical name ‘Enrofloxacin’ which is available in the form of a liquid as well as tablets and oral syrup. Mode of administration usually consists of injecting the liquid material into the animals, consuming tablets or giving the oral syrup directly to the animal by dissolving in food or drinking water.

What is Baytril for dogs?

For your dog Baytril is highly effective when it comes to curing a number of pathogenic infections. Answering the question specifically, Baytril is an antibiotic which is very useful in curing respiratory, digestive, urinary and skin infections affected by bacterial and fungal pathogens. Baytril for dogs is an antibiotic that basically prevents DNA synthesis of the pathogen in the tissue cells if your dog consumes the medication under the right dosage.

How Does Baytril Function?

Basically for your dog Baytril is very effective because of its ability to disrupt the functions of DNA gyrase that is an enzyme present for the bacteria’s replication process. When the wound or infection stems inside your pet dog’s body, the synthesis of bacterial cells increases the chances of the infection spreading all over. To prevent such an activity, Baytril works against mycoplasma of bacterial pathogens. It is a broad spectrum medication which has high absorption powers that can kill the pathogens in the body.baytril for dogs1

It is very important for owners to administer the medication in the right dosage to avoid consequences. The correct dose of Baytril for dogs should be around 5 milligrams-20 milligrams per 2.2 pounds of weight. The very first doze of medication is offered through injection after which tablets should be administered under a minimum period of 5-10 days. Based upon the kind and severity of the infection which has affected your pet dog, the period of dosage is calculated. Sometimes it can exceed beyond 15 days and stretch till a month under critical conditions.

Baytril Injections

Apart from being available in the form of tablets, Baytril is mainly injected inside the pet’s body before the medical treatment is initiated through tablet consumption. An injection holding solution is available in the market with Baytril chemical mixed in it known as ‘Baytril Otic’ which treats external infections of bacterial and fungal pathogens. Baytril Otic is a combination of silver sulfadiazine and enrofloxacin. If for your dog Baytril is being administered then you should consult the vet at the very beginning for an immediate diagnosis and treatment. The sooner the treatment is started, the faster your pet dog will heal. Baytril for dogs is an affective medication so long as the treatment is consecutively administered under a single dose without breaking the cycle. You wanted to know What is Baytril for dogs and you have your question answered.

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